Getting involved

If you're keen to get involved, and good at / willing to get into any of
  • electronics
  • pcb design
  • linux coding - drivers & gui stuff, fast graphics
  • c on microcontrollers
  • windows programming - visual studio, c#
  • website design
  • funding / contacting funders / finding investors
  • publicity - contacting magazines etc

... send me an e-mail at and give me some idea of what you can do and what you're interested in doing.
I'd love to hear from ya!

My plan is to make a small number of units then to distribute them among those who are interested in developing. so we can iron out the problems, make it good and establish a solid code base.

I need to spread the net further to find coders. please help by sending off to online journals / publications that might want to run a feature.

Here's what's in the pipeline:
This is the tech-stuff I need help on most now!

  • Building a GyroMouse
    I want to investigate making a gyromouse from scratch, using gyroscopes feeding into the adc's of a Micra Controller. I want to see if it is possible to get it as responsive as the professional GyroPoint devices I have been using.
> interested? would be incredibly useful, as my current approach of isolating a GyroMouse is a horrible hack.
  • PCB Design (Eagle, Protel, ...)
    how do you feel about doing a PCB design? it would be very nice to get the Micro Controller + uart->usb converter on the same board. this should come after the gyroscope project above- maybe then everything can be integrated onto one board.
  • Visual Studio C# Coding
    I'm looking for C# coders!!!
    At the other end, I need to improve the Visual Studio project. I need to make a better demo. I want to find out how to do things in C#. For example wouldn't it be nice to push down in the middle of a window and get options for move, resize, maximise, minimise, close, send to back? could you write c# code to do these functions?
> also I would like functions to navigate previous window, next window, parent window, first child window. imagine 4 Arrow keys - one for each of these functions. can you code this?
  • I can't believe Windows doesn't have this simple control system. it will be so good for navigating. for example even on an internet form, each of the text boxes is a window ( I think). so using these four commands you can really get anywhere. navigating between windows between panes between controls. far better though some stupid combination of tab shift Tab ctrl tab etc etc that does not really work anyway

Wanna build one? You need these items:

if you need help making one just ask.

to build a prototype u'll need to get (hardest/most problematic first)

Love n light

(26 Dec 07)