I made a program to measure the speed and accuracy of a pointing device


10 targets of decreasing size appear at random locations. once you have clicked one per next one appears.
t_i = the time taken since the last click
x_i = the pixel accuracy of the click
score_i = (t_i + 1) * (x_i + 1)

the + 1 is stop people cheating by either taking all day to make each click pixel perfect, or instantly clicking the mouse 10 times in the same place.

so add up score_i (1 to 10), and we have a final score that takes some measure of the performance of the pointing device.

Here are a couple of scores:


JediPad III ...

Of course a lower score is better. first one was 8.3 -- I got such a low school because I was playing it in a small window. second one I was playing full screen. All scores listed from now on are full-screen scores