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Microvision: Wearable DisplaysVirtual Retinal Display TechnologyMicrovision - Feature Article
Microvision - Feature ArticleScanning light beams to the retina could revolutionize displays for everything from cellphones to games

**IBM -- Download TrackPoint Software**
**PTPM754ADB Datasheet pdf - Microcontroller with TrackPoint microcode from IBM - Philips**
PTPM754ADB datasheet, PTPM754ADB pdf, datasheet, pdf, Philips, Microcontroller with TrackPoint microcode from IBM

Homebuild eye-tracker

http://www.wireheading.com /misc/sub-vocal.html
Silent voice recognition


(Open Source) Multiple Mouse Drivers

**http://www.jstookey.com/arcade /rawmouse/**This one is the simplest to start with:

**http://cpnmouse.sourceforge .net/**
This is properly structured commercial standard

This claims to be platform independennt!!!**http://grouplab.cpsc.ucalgary .ca/software/SDGT/**

Linux TrackPoint Driver





AutoHotkey - Free Mouse and Keyboard Macro Program with Hotkeys and AutoText
Free keyboard macro program. Supports hotkeys for keyboard, mouse, and joystick. Can expand abbreviations as you type them (AutoText).

Like AHK above, but supports more stuff

Wizzard Software Corporation
Speech recognition that allows you to talk to your computer with an Interactive Voice Assistant. For home or business use, the solution is Wizzard Software.
http://www.inference.phy.cam.ac.uk/dasher/ Keyboard that is constantly adapting
http://www.inference.phy.cam.ac.uk/tapir/ T9

Code Project -- Neural Net -- C# application to create and recognize mouse gestures (.NET) - The Code Project - C# ProgrammingThis program can create and recognize mouse gestures.

http://www.piemenu.com/PieMenuDescription.html Pie menus!!!

http://wiihacks.blogspot.com/ hacking the wii controller

presssure sensors

My page :) http://bentospontain.no-ip.biz/sam/

Next Generation touchscreen

Innovative UI ideas here

fun one:


http://www.smithstuff.net /steercan/Steercan.htm


all these are probably not worth looking at... theyre just dumped from my browser a while back



BeyondLogic -- Interfacing The PC : Using InterruptsInfo on Programming and Implementing IRQ's. Includes IRQ2-9 Redirection, 8259 Registers and Sample Code in C.
Adam Chapweske -- PS2 pinout, spec
PS Mouse Info, PS2 pinout
mouse driver example code -- remapping interrupt vector
RagewStorm -- mouse driver source
ps2 port write linux -- Koders - sa1111ps2.
chp made ps2 ort for ibm -- code for interfacingp -- HP-UX Reference Volume 5 of 5, HP Part Number 'B2355-90684',
The Dark Art of writing DJGPP Hardware Interrupt Handlers

Google Groups : comp.os.ms-windows.programmer.nt.kernel-mode
Driver Development CorporationDevice Driver development company familiar with Windows NT, 2000, XP, small kernel unices, and design for embedded systems.
ps2 - Google Groups: microsoft.public.win32.programmer.kernel
Max and Gyromouse


YOV408 Programming Resources - Forum

Search: mouse driver

The PC's Parallel Port Information and tools relating to design and programming for the PC's parallel printer port.

PARALLEL PORT INTERFACING TUTORIAL - Logix4unew inpout32.dll for windows nt / 2000 . this dll will solve the problems aring from the use of Inp() and Outp() functions in WIN NT

Linux Device Drivers help

PortTalk - A Windows NT/2000 I/O Port Device DriverA problem that plagues Windows NT/2000, is it's strict control over I/O ports. Unlike Windows 95 & 98, Windows NT/2000 will cause an exception (Privileged Instruction) if an attempt is made to access an I/O port that your program is not privileged to access. This article discusses the restricting mechanisms and how to overcome these problems.

Gyration GO Gyro Mouse GC115 - Compare, Buy and Review at BizRate UKCompare prices, read reviews and check online store ratings at BizRate UK before you buy online

Domain Name Registration with HostwayHaving your own domain name is the first step to building an online presence. Whether you're looking to find that perfect domain name, transferring or renewing an existing domain name, Hostway can help you with your domain name needs.

OptiTrack : Support Downloads

Misc. Utilities: Mouse Keyboard Wizard 2.1 - Lets you type using your mouse. Related to: Mouse Lock, MouseCam, MPEG4 Direct Maker.

Tucows Downloads - AutoMouseClicker 1.25 Freeware SoftwareAutoMouseClicker 1.25, This program automatically clicks your mouse so you don't have to. Downloads and software from Tucows the largest online software download site. Tucows has over 40,000 software titles that are tested, rated, reviewed and ready to download. Tucows is your download destination for Windows, Macintosh, Linux and PDA freeware, shareware, and demos. Download screen savers, themes, utilities, browsers, games, kids software, and even learn HTML!

Palm Pad Large ScreenshotDownload Palm Pad - The innovative On Screen Keyboard has opened a new way of input to the PC world. The Palm Pad provides the users to input text and control their Text Editor or a Web Browser with ease of one hand access even without a single click of the mouse.

www.antidote909.comAntidote909 : Buy your dance club and festival tickets online, UK and Europe. Tailor made ticket agent for UK promoters.
apache friends - xampp for windows faqLinux (Fedora Core 5) on Thinkpad T30 LaptopLinux on Thinkpad T30 Laptop -- Linux Laptop Homepage. Definitive resource for installing Linux on a laptop.

Custom membrane keypadsFor reliable design and supply of Membrane Keypads within the UK.

How to Think Like a Computer Scientist. AP Version - Andamooka ReaderOpen support for open content. Read and annotate books online.

Character Device Files - Andamooka ReaderOpen support for open content. Read and annotate books online.