Here's my first working prototype: The Nugget

I created this page in April 2006. i will leave it as I wrote it.
Samu Jan 08

3 button ergonomic trackpoint mouse.

I've got bad RSI from mouse & kbd. I've looked around a lot and can't find good interfaces. Voice recognition & dataglove is the best I've found/used so far. A good interface would consist of:
  1. Eyeball tracker
  2. Voice recognition
  3. Hand held controller <-- this is what this wiki is for


Squidge a lump of plasticine in your hand, smooth it out...

Here's some early plasticine prototypes for the shape.
jpad_plasticine_2.jpg JPad_Mirrored.JPG P1116_025040.jpg

As you can see, it's very comfy. Healthy ergonomics. No strain, no RSI, lots of buttons in easy reach.


Add to this gyros for pitch, yaw, roll; accelerometers for xyz spatial location and a new UI (user interface), and we have a kicking controller.

(<rant> nb many people will not switch. kids who like playing games (or anyone who uses a computer and isnt scared of new things) should however like them. And in 15 years they may be using them in the office without a second thought. </rant>)


Some of these buttons will be trackpoints. Trackpoints are wickid -- they are pressure and direction sensitive and respond to anything between a soft push and a really hard one. no moving parts. ideal. This is what I'm using:
trackpoint.jpg trackpoint_on_kbd.jpg
(I get the units out of dud ibm thinkpad t40 laptop keyboards)

I have managed to wire one of these into the ps2 port...
DSC00173.JPG DSC00177.JPG DSC00176.JPG

Insulated, wrapped in plasticine, and coated in latex, it works as a very nice 3 button ergonomic mouse. I'm calling it a Nugget. (My uncle suggests spud).

3._Insulate.JPG 4._Embed_(front).JPG Nugget_Mirrored.JPG

Design process is here.

The next hurldle is feeding many into the computer at once. (starting with 3).