PROJECT 3: Trasher! Extend Dasher to work with TrackPoints

consider this scenario :

Using something with fast processing & graphics, eg linux on PlayStation3

Phat red flashing cursor so it is obvious where the text is going into

Big circle on centre of screen taking up most of the screen

All objects are in bubbles around the rim

Every bubble repels every other bubble
The more probable ones have bigger bubbles
...more gravity
… so are pulled closer to the centre

Pushing on the TrackPoint it is like shining a beam of light from a torch
…which inflates the bubbles in its path
…which will gravitate closer to the centre
it is a dynamical system - as these bubbles inflate this squashes the bubbles further away

There is an event horizon (say a 2cm circle around the center)
As soon as a bubble touches the event horizon it bursts,
dropping its contents on to the cursor

Imagine a 'wrong' bubble is very big... you can shoot it!
... popping it, it disappears -- now you can see the bubbles behind it

At this point the probability of what is going to come next is recalculated and all the bubbles resize and reposition