Making a Nugget

Here's one I made earlier.


Make a nice nuggetty shape out of plasticine.

Get a TrackPoint unit out of an IBM ThinkPad T40(+) keyboard.

1._Make_plasticine_shape.JPG trackpoint.jpg trackpoint_on_kbd.jpg

Wire the TrackPoint into a ps2 cable.

Q: It wouldn't work direct into the ps2 port of my desktop pc. but it worked connected thru a ps2 converter into a thinkpad laptop. why?

if ur interested email me for details on how to wire this up.
note that the end pin needs to be grounded thus (the other pics dont reflect this):

Wire 3 mouse-buttons into the TrackPoint. (there r 2 separate trackpoints in pics to show front n back).

2._Closeup.JPG 2._Wire_TrackPoint_to_PS2_port.JPG

It works with this white USB-PS2 converter but not with the black one. Why? They both work for std ps2 mouse&kbd.
DSC00167.JPG DSC00166.JPG

Insulate with electrical tape and styrofoam.



Embed into plasticine

4._Embed_(front).JPG 4._Embed_(back).JPG

Coat with Liquid Latex

5._Latex_coating_(front).JPG 5._Latex_coating_(back).JPG