combining GyroCap with SqueezeBall create a very accurate mouse pointer


You move the mouse pointer by tilting your head -- it is the most natural way to use a mouse pointer (apart from eye tracking I guess)

The mouse cursor is a circle.

as you squeeze the SqueezeBall harder,
  1. The sensitivity of the mouse is reduced
  2. The circle gets smaller.

When the circle becomes a point, a left-click is performed.

Making the circle bigger and smaller was done simply by scaling a bit map and drawing it where the mouse cursor is, and we added a nice chunky click sound.

the end result was very good - I found it more accurate than a normal mouse within 10 minutes. I don't think anyone else tried it for more than two or three, but it was not hard to use. by comparison, a normal mouse will take you are a few weeks to become comfortable with - just try using the mouse in your other hand and you will see what I mean.

we even managed to replace the SqueezeBall with a TrackPoint, and got good results with this also.

radial menus

the next step is: instead of simply making a left click, spawn a radial Menu with ( say) eight options.
bear in mind, I'm envisaging this with a TrackPoint.

so you have pushed down, and all these options appear.
you select the appropriate one by moving in that direction as you release.
simply releasing straight up should close the Menu without selecting anything.