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Please Donate !
I should have done this straight away - hope the hits keep on coming. I am skint!

If I get some money I can work properly on this project, buy the things I need, outsource hardware and software jobs, fund a group of us to work together to make this happen -- I can manifest something decent, and take it far enough for someone to invest in a production run.

If I don't, I am going to have to ebay my laptop to get a plane ticket to Japan where I can teach English. then I will only be able to work on this in my spare time, and it will not really get anywhere. A week ago this looked like my best option; I was preparing to do this.

I had no idea I would get so much positive feedback. the amazing amount of interest ( already 9000 YouTube hits, 6000 GoogleHits, at least two articles, several blog entries, a load of comments, and a dozen great e-mails ) has given me a boost.

If you would like to help and can spare a few $$$, please use the PayPal donation button below , thanks..

Interested in investing?
I doubt that I'll get enough money from donations alone to get this project into production, so I am also looking for investors.

If you would like to invest, please send me an e-mail. please accept that my motivation for this project is to ethically manifest a good healthy and complete hci solution, making money comes secondary to this. I think eventually this technology could produce a range of products that will make a lot of money, but please let us stick with the positive impact it will bring to the community of computer users.
If this is what you are about, then I would very much like to hear from you.

Also, if you donate, please send me an e-mail and say who you are and how much you donated - I would like to keep a track of everyone who has helped me from the beginning of this project, and put it on the website when I can.
I will put in a public cashflow page to show where the money is going as well.